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Go further in your walk with God.

Spiritual journeys are better when taken with friends.


What are Connecting Points?

Connecting Points are where we live out the “Love People” part of Central’s mission by moving you from a row in a Sunday service and into a circle to grow your faith. A typical group at Central consists of a small group of people in a similar life stage, doing life in a similar area of town and gathering together on a regular basis. Inspired by the early church of Acts 2, Groups are where we learn and apply what God is teaching us, experience authentic fellowship, care for those within the group, serve others beyond the group, pray for one another and even enjoy a meal together. Connecting Points are mostly hosted in homes, but may also meet at the church, in restaurants, cafés, or other locations. Become a part of a community where you are supported and encouraged to live out your faith in Christ.

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Current Connecting Points

Currently, we have three Connecting Points meeting on the first Sunday of the month at 5:00pm. These CPs will be hosted at the homes of:
Pastor Dan & Katrina Doty
Harvest/Monrovia Area
Tim & Laura Dalton
(Teens/Young Adults)
Providence Area
Chris & Regina Carbulon
South Huntsville Area
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